Clark, Rabia


Rabia Clark (Files / Collection) – author, researcher, past-life therapist, local Friend of the Archives: Rabia Clark Collection

File Contents / Inventory:

  • The Dervish Project – promotional postcard for the DVD
  • Introduction to Past-life Therapy, by Rabia Clark


Further References to Rabia Clark and her research:

  • [PDF] the Behavior Therapist – ABCT Association for Behavioral

    ….. 1996) with Rabia Clark, Ph.D., a certified pastlife therapist who was on the Board of. Directors …

  • Past-life therapy – Unicorn Transformational Studies

    Past-life therapy is regression therapy accepting that scenes from apparent past lives may … The research of Rabia Clark (1995) shows that most therapists (74%) …. Introductory relaxation, visualization or hypnosis are usually a waste of time.

  • A Changing Perspective on Emotions in Regression Therapy…/changing-perspective-on-emotions-in-regr…

    In my first years as a regression therapist, the role of emotions seemed clear-cut. ….. brochure, an almost ideal introduction to regression therapy for potential clients. … Rabia Lynn Clark wrote her doctoral thesis on past-life therapy (1995)

  • IARRT Store – International Association for Regression …

    IARRT stands for International Association for Regression Research & Therapies. … Therapist Rabia Clark offers objective, insightful analysis into the psychological issues raised by such people, and the challenges ….. —from the introduction
  • [PDF] Master Thesis – Eric J Christopher…/Eric-J-Christopher-Master-Thesis.pdf
    by EJ Christopher – ‎2000 – ‎Cited by 2 – ‎Related articles

    a previous life while in a deep state of relaxation with a past-life therapist. ….. In 1994, Rabia Clark conducted a large study to gain a clearer definition of PLT.

  • For what kinds of problems regression therapy is suitable ……

    The most common reasons to seek regression therapy and indications of the success rates with these problems. … Rabia Clark found that therapists report most often success with phobias and … 13 – 14 Sept, 2014, Introduction, Germany.

  • This Divine Classroom – Page 17 – Google Books Result

    0 Journal of Regression Therapy, “A New Understanding of Reincarnation Through Past Life Recall”, Clark, Rabia Lynn, Ph.D., Vol. XI, Number 1, December 1997. Introduction to the Case Studies What maturation process is rumbling 17 …

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