Texas Ghost Lights Conference, June 2005

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The “Ghost Road” in the Big Thicket: Site of the Bragg Light

The Texas Ghost Lights Conference

Saturday, June 11th, 2005 – Austin Texas

The Marfa Lights in West Texas and the Bragg Light of the Big Thicket have inspired countless legends of restless spirits. But there is a growing body of evidence that, far from being mere curiosities, or the stuff of folklore, the Texas mystery lights constitute a genuine scientific anomaly.

Whether they are called fireballs, ghost lights, spook lights, earth lights, or mystery lights, these unexplained spooky luminosities are surprisingly numerous.  Lights of unknown origin are known to recur in specific locations in North Carolina, Missouri, California, Washington, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Ghost light locations in the British Isles, Norway, Japan, and Australia have also been extensively documented.

Investigators regard the lights as a little understood aspect of the earth’s electromagnetic energy field. But they could be a global phenomenon of paradigm-shifting significance. They sometimes behave peculiarly, as if they are interacting with human observers like curious animals. This may be why the ancient Celtic peoples regarded the lights as fairies, and why the shamans of some cultures sought out the locations of the lights as entrances to the spirit world. Recurring ghost lights could hold clues to a dimension of Nature that is rarely even suspected in the modern age.

Texas is likely to play a key role in emerging earth mysteries research. According to Japanese physicist Dr. Yoshi-Hiko Ohtsuki, there are more sightings of mystery lights in Texas than anywhere else in the world.

On June 11, Natural Awakenings – Austin, with the association of Anomaly Archives, will present “The Texas Ghost Lights Conference” from 2:00 – 8:00 pm at the First Unitarian Universalist Church at 4700 Grover in Austin. You will learn the latest about this curious phenomenon from four leading authorities on ghost lights, complete with photographs and video displays.

Renowned British author, lecturer, and broadcaster, Paul Devereux, is an experienced researcher dealing mainly with consciousness studies and ancient sacred sites. He is the author of Earth Lights Revelation, Fairy Paths & Spirit Roads, Re-Visioning the Earth, and numerous other scholarly articles and books. He will explain why the lights have much to teach our physicists and remarkable lessons to teach all of us.

Nick Redfern is the author of the books A Covert Agenda:The FBI Files; Cosmic Crashes; Strange Secrets; Three Men Seeking Monsters; and the forthcoming Body Snatchers In The Desert. He is the Editor of the newsstand magazine, Phenomena. Nick has uncovered intriguing official British Government files on unidentified luminous phenomena and ghost lights that date back nearly a century, and will be discussing this never-before-seen data at the conference.

James Bunnell is the author of two books on the Marfa Lights, Seeing Marfa Lights and Night Orbs.  He is an aeronautical and mechanical engineer and retired in 2000 from BAE Systems as Director of Mission Solutions for U.S. Air Force Programs. He will present a fascinating video slide show of photographs taken from two monitoring stations he set up that illustrate his contention that the Marfa Lights constitute a deep-rich-fascinating mystery that never ceases to amaze those who take time to investigate.

Rob Riggs is the Editor of Natural Awakenings – Austin, the author of In the Big Thicket: Exploring Nature’s Mysterious Dimension, and contributed chapters on unexplained phenomena, ancient mysteries and the Texas Ghost Lights in Weird Texas, to be published later this year by Barnes & Noble. He has appeared on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast and numerous radio shows discussing the ghost lights and other mysteries of the Big Thicket.

S. Miles Lewis of the Anomaly Archives (lending library of the Scientific Anomaly Institute) will be the moderator of the event, which will include a panel discussion and question and answer session.

The price for admission to this fascinating six hour event is only $25.

Tickets go on sale April 11, and there is limited seating available.

For ticket information, or to get detailed bios and photos of the presenters, call (512) 326-4100

or e-mail <austineditor@naturalawakeningsmag.com>

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