Monthly Public Meetings

Monthly Meetings Resume – Saturday, April 29th, 2017

We are excited to announce that we are resuming our monthly public discussion forum meetings beginning in April 2017. Previously these have been hosted and led by SAI-AA board members Mark Muecke and myself but beginning next month Anomaly Archives member John Hawkins will be leading monthly meetings on the last Saturday of each month from 1-4pm. This new series of monthly Anomaly Archives open discussion forum meetings are called, “The Third Door.” Contact John Hawkins for details.

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Volunteer Event Notices


Join SMiles Lewis and other Anomaly Docents for a few hours of Volunteerism Training and Overview of Archival Anomalistics which often include free-wheeling discussions about…

… the latest news and research into the fields of inquiry covered within our anomalous collections including: UFOs and Ufology, Consciousness, Parapsychology, Fortean and Paranormal Phenomena, Cryptozoology, Parapolitics and Conspiracy, Human Potential … and MORE!

You can help…

  • Organize the Archives & Lending Library Collections
  • Catalog & Process Newly Acquired Collections
  • Circulate Lending Library Materials
  • Learn about Archiving & Preserving the Anomalous
  • Socialize with Other Members & Volunteers

The Anomaly Archives holds occasional Open Volunteerism Workshops each month. Contact SMiles Lewis via email for updates.

Anomaly Archives headquarters located in North West Austin (within the INACS offices), just past the intersections of Research and Technology Boulevards (see below for detailed directions):

12593 Research Blvd., Suite 302,
Austin, Texas 78759

Sometimes we have scheduled lectures and presentations from experts in the fields of inquiry covered within our anomalous collections but often we meet just to discuss the latest news and research into those fields, including:

  • and Ufology
  • Consciousness
  • Parapsychology
  • Fortean Phenomena
  • Cryptozoology
  • ParaPolitical Science
  • Human Potential
  • Paranormal
  • … and MORE!


Please make plans to attend next month’s Anomaly Archives Meeting at the SAI – Anomaly Archives / INACS “Mind Quarters” … we look forward to meeting and talking with all of you!

– SMiles Lewis
Founder & President



DIRECTIONS to The Anomaly Archives

It’s a little tricky to find the first time, so here are the directions:

If you’re heading northwest on Research/183 from I-35, Mopac or 360, exit 183 at the Oak Knoll exit, pass through the light at Oak Knoll, and stay on the access road heading north. The next side street off the 183 access road will be Technology Blvd; do not turn on Technology. Immediately after you pass Technology, there will be a driveway on your right (the only one in that area) — Exit into that driveway. There will be a sign overhead for “Forest Plaza.” After you pull in, you’ll have no choice but to go to the left into Forest Plaza. Our building is the back left building within the complex — Suite 302. If you’re heading south on Research/183, you also exit at Oak Knoll, but take the u-turn just before you get to Oak Knoll, get over the right on the northbound access road, and prepare to make the right immediately after Technology Blvd. as in the directions above.

12593 Research Blvd., Suite 302

Austin, Texas 78759