Imich, Alexander


His Wikipedia page states he was the president of the Anomalous Phenomena Research Center in New York City back in 1999 when he founded it. I do not think it still exists.

Incredible Tales of the Paranormal: Documented Accounts of Poltergeist, Levitations, Phantoms, and Other Phenomena

by Alexander Imich

… is a guide to the one remaining frontier- the previously unexplored territory of the paranormal. Compiled by scholars with impeccable credentials, this book reveals some of the most astounding and mind-expanding psychokinetic phenomena yet experienced. From the Victorian era of parapsychology, to the most recent experiments conducted with psychic children in China, these tales take you on an unforgettable journey through the uncharted universe of the paranormal.


Incredible Tales of the Paranormal: Documented Accounts of Poltergeist, Levitations, Phantoms, and Other Phenomena: Alexander Imich: 9781883647032: Books.



… Imich began donating his archives to the University of Manitoba in 2012 when his eyesight started to fade. A believer to the last, he made sure that there, among manuscripts of his published and unpublished works, are found “various pieces of silverware which were bent by Joe A. Nuzum.”


Alexander Imich:

An Inventory of his records at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Jarad Buckwold
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(May 15, 2013)

Finding aid encoded by Jarad Buckwold (May 15, 2013)
Finding aid written in English.

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba


Alexander Imich


Alexander Imich fonds




6.13 metres of textual material and 68 VHS tapes.


MSS 389, PC 342 (A12-10)


English, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew

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Biography of Alexander Imich

Alexander Imich was born in Częstochowa, Poland (then part of the Russian Empire), in 1903. As a child, Imich was a voluminous reader and especially enjoyed the works of Jack London and Joseph Conrad. He pictured himself as an adventurer and as such, decided that his calling was to be a sea captain. To accomplish this dream, he entered Marine School, but had difficulty overcoming the constraints which anti-Semitism put on him. One instructor, for example, declared that any Jews he took with him on his vessel would be left in the middle of the Atlantic. Imich decided a career change was in order. He developed a strong affinity for the natural world and as such, he went to Krakow to study Zoology at Jagiellonian University in 1920. During his university career, anti-Semitism once again plagued Imich’s aspirations as some of the faculty did everything in their power to hold him back including forcing him to study in English, a language he spoke none of at the time, and assigning him a topic for his doctoral work that had already been covered by a previous doctoral student, thus making his dissertation very likely to be dismissed. Nonetheless, Imich was able to overcome these obstacles and obtain his doctorate in 1927, his dissertation being deemed “good enough”. While at Jagiellonian, Imich fell in love with a chemistry student named Genia Mendelsohn, who eventually became his wife. While they were married, Imich worked in his father-in-law’s factory while Genia worked to become a painter. Imich’s life was shattered when Genia suddenly disappeared with her art instructor, only to turn up weeks later, her mental health decayed to the point that her father was in the process of committing her to an asylum near Warsaw. Genia spent several months in the asylum and Imich visited her regularly. Nonetheless, the incident irreparably damaged their relationship and they were divorced soon after Genia’s release. While visiting Genia at the asylum, Imich met and fell in love with a young lawyer named Wela Katzenellenbogen who he married in 1936. Wela came from a very old German-Jewish family that included Karl Marx, Felix Mendelssohn, David Halberstam and Martin Buber. During World War II, both Imich and Wela were interred in a Russian labour camp near the White Sea for two years, but were liberated following the German attack on Russia in 1941. Imich and Wela managed to escape the brunt of the war’s horrors by relocating to Samarkand, Uzbekistan from 1942-1947. They returned to Poland to find that their parents and various members of their extended family had died in concentration camps. After this, Imich and Wela moved to France where Imich had a brother. In 1952 they moved to the United States, first to Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania and then to New York, dividing their week between both cities. To make a living, Imich initially took up chemistry, but once Wela made for herself a career as a psychologist in 1965, Imich turned to his real passion: parapsychology. Imich had been interested in the paranormal since childhood. By 13, Imich was dabbling with table tilting and with Ouija boards. As early as 1932, Imich published an article in the German parapsychology journal Zeitschrift fur Parapsychologie that explained his encounters with a Matylda S. who was among the first psychics Imich encountered. While living in France, Imich began interacting with a network of mystics, yogis and gurus, particularly via the Ramakrisha Vivekananda Order, an organization that dealt in yogic philosophy. In New York, Imich met medium Eileen J. Garrett and proposed to her an international meeting of parapsychologists, an idea that meshed with the Parapsychology Foundation’s First International Conference of Parapsychological Studies that Garrett had in the works and that took place in Utrecht, Holland, in 1953. Imich has remained active in parapsychology ever since, attending some conferences, delivering speeches at others and judging parapsychology themed essay contests. He edited the book Incredible Tales of the Paranormal in 1995, entered the IM School of Healing Arts in New York, graduating two years later with the title “Reverend”, and in 1999, founded the Anomalous Phenomena Research Center (APRC) which sought to advance parapsychology through research and demonstration. Wela passed away in 1986, but Imich continued to live in the same apartment that they had rented in 1965.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The fonds consists of twelve series. The first, biographical, consists of miscellaneous personal papers that Imich has collected over the years, papers and writings of his wife, Wela, and personal journals dating back to 1946. In addition to this, the series contains articles written about Imich, some concerning his role as parapsychologist, others concerning his longevity. The next series, writings, consists of Imich’s written articles and publications and all the material related to them including correspondence and abstracts. The writings range in date primarily from 1985-2002, but with some earlier pieces from 1958 and the early 1930s. The chief work in this collection is Incredible Tales of the Paranormal, a compilation of essays edited by Imich. The series contains various copies of the essays in this compendium, even though they were not written by Imich, as it showcases the editing process. The third series consists of various essay contests that Imich judged between 1992 and 1995, sponsored by various parapsychological organizations. The fourth series, collected typescripts and articles, consist of articles and typescripts that Imich had collected over the years, including works by Rhea White and Larissa Vilenskaya. The fifth series is a group of subject files which vary from astrology to lost treasure buried in Haiti. The sixth series, lectures and conferences, consists of information relating to the various conferences Imich has attended in his life, primarily in the early and mid-1990s, but some as far back as 1970 and 1949. The seventh series, organization publications, consists of a large collection of publications by various parapsychology organizations between 1958 and 2009. The series contains the publications themselves along with any material Imich had grouped with them, be it correspondence, notes or otherwise. The eighth series, correspondence, consists of the many letters and emails which Imich has kept from 1949-2011. The correspondence are primarily between Imich and his contemporaries in the world of parapsychology, many of whom are also personal friends. Imich filed his correspondence using three different methods. The first method organizes the correspondence by name, each file correlating to a specific person or organization. This method was primarily used for robust and lengthy correspondence. The second method again organizes by name, but each file corresponds to a letter of the alphabet rather than a specific person; thus all A’s are grouped together in one file, as are all B’s, etc. These are primarily smaller correspondence. Finally, the third method of correspondence filing is by subject. In this category, related correspondence were bound in binders and each binder was assigned a title. The majority of these correspondence are from the 1980s or earlier. Though many binders required two or more file folders to contain their contents, they are treated intellectually as a single file. The ninth series contains various records from the IM School of Healing Arts in New York, which Imich attended from 1997-1999. The tenth series contains books which Imich has collected from 1937 to 1995, many of which have inscriptions. The eleventh series contains various pieces of silverware which were bent by Joe A. Nuzum. Finally, the 13th series contains various VHS tapes that Imich had collected, consisting primarily of demonstrations and experiments by Joe A. Nuzum and taped copies of the television show “The Otherside”.

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Arrangement of the Papers

The fonds is arranged into twelve series: biographical, writings, essay contests, collected typescripts and articles, subject files, lectures and conferences, organization publications, correspondence, IM School of Healing Arts, collected books, artifacts and collected VHS tapes. Papers that were arranged by the creator were kept together, comprising the majority of the fonds. Those papers with less clear organization were removed from their seemingly random order and filed appropriately. This is especially true for correspondence and organization papers that did not have file folders.

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Restrictions on Access

There may be restrictions on some material

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Related Materials

This fonds is related to the various other paranormal/parapsychological/Spiritualist collections that the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections has attracted since it acquired the Hamilton Family fonds.

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Custodial History

The collection was donated to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections by Alex Imich in 2012. The first portion of the donation came to the archives that year while the second portion came in 2013. Walter Meyer zu Erpen of the Survival Research Institute of Canada acted as the transferring agent.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Biographical [ 1946-2007 ]
11 Miscellaneous Personal Papers 1990s-2000s
2 Miscellaneous Personal Papers 1990s-2000s
3 Miscellaneous Personal Papers 1990s-2000s
4 Articles About Alexander Imich 2007-2012
5 Wela Imich (Wela Katzenellenbogen) 1971-1997
6 Sentence Completion (Maile-Holsoppe) 1950
7 Photocopies of Book Inscriptions from Imich’s Library donated to the International Academy of Consciousness, New York 1966, 1987-1995
2No Folder Journals 1946-2005

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Alex Imich Writings [1932?], 1958, 1985-2002
31 Publication List 1995-2009
2 Publisher’s Correspondence 1985-1990
3 Miscellaneous Original Papers and Related Materials 1994-2010
4 Works in Progress [1932?]-2006
5 Abstracts:Psychological Association 1985-1989
6 Abstracts: Polish (“Rajgrodski” and “Liowich”) 1979-1990
7 Abstracts: German and French 1986-1992
41 “Incredible Tales of the Paranormal”: Introduction (Alexander Imich) and Preface (Colin Wilson) 1992-2002?
2 “Incredible Tales of the Paranormal”: “Mirabelli” (Guy Lyon Playfair) 1992
3 “Incredible Tales of the Paranormal”: “Mediumship in Italy” (Paul Giovetti) 1989
4 “Incredible Tales of the Paranormal”: “The Icelandic Physical Medium Indridi Indridason” (Loftur R. Gissurarson and Erlendur Haraldsson) 1988-1989
5 “Incredible Tales of the Paranormal”: “Matylda, My Great Discovery” (Alexander Imich) 1992
6 “Incredible Tales of the Paranormal”: “Physical Mediumship in Russia” (Larissa Vilenskaya) 1992
7 “Incredible Tales of the Paranormal”: “Psychic Phenomena in China” (Zhu Yi Yi) 1989
8 “Incredible Tales of the Paranormal”: Pre-publication I ca.1990s
9 “Incredible Tales of the Paranormal”: Pre-publication II ca.1990s
51 “Incredible Tales of the Paranormal”: Published Version I 1995
2 “Incredible Tales of the Paranormal”: Published Version II ca.1990s
3 “Incredible Tales of the Paranormal”: Bramble Books 1990-2000
4 “Incredible Tales of the Paranormal”: Correspondence 1988-2001
5 “Uneasy Surprise” 1989-1990
6 “Order of this World” 1988-1991
7 Dreams, Writings 1958, 1985-2002
8 “Kluski” 1992

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Essay Contests 1992-1995
61 Imich Essay No. ?: In Collaboration with the Society for Psychical Research, London I 1992
2 Imich Essay No. ?: In Collaboration with the Society for Psychical Research, London II 1992
3 Imich Essay Contest No. 5 1994
4 Imich Essay Contest No. 7: In Collaboration with the Exceptional Human Experience Network, Inc. (Rhea A. White) I 1995
5 Imich Essay Contest No. 7: In Collaboration with the Exceptional Human Experience Network, Inc. (Rhea A. White) II 1995
6 Imich Essay Contest No. ?: In Collaboration with IM School of Healing Arts, New York 1999

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Collected Typsecripts and Articles 1960s-2000
71 Bauer, Eberhard – Periods of Historical Development of Parapsychology in Germany [date?]
2 Berger, Arthur S. – Psi in the Hospital [date?]
3 Bierman, Dick J. et al – Extended of the Fifth EURO-pa Meeting 1993
4 Brown, Michael H. – A Report on the Power of Psychokinesis, Mental Energy that moves Matter 1998?
5 Dossey, Barbara – Spiritual Healing: Health Care and Self Care After 1995
6 Dubrov, A.P. – Bioprityazheniye [date?]
7 Faith, Laura V. – Personal Observations of Parapsychology and Psychotronics in the Former Soviet Union After 1993
8 Feola, José Maria – “Scientist and Psychic”: pp. 1-203 1990s?
9 Feola, José Maria – “Scientist and Psychic”: pp. 204-399 1990s
10 Feola, José Maria – “Scientist and Psychic”: pp. 400-599 1990s?
11 Feola, José Maria – “Scientist and Psychic”: pp. 600-751 1990s?
12 Feola, José Maria – “Scientist and Psychic”: pp. 752-858 (end) 1990s?
81 Geller, Uri – Ella 2000
2 Green, Elmer E. et al – Preliminary Report on Voluntary Controls Project: Swami Rama 1970
3 Grof, Stanislav – Principles of Holotropic Therapy [date?]
4 Gurtovoy, G.K. and A.G. Parkhomov – The Distal Effect of an Extrasensory Person on Physical and Biological Systems [date?]
5 Hansen, George P. 1980s-1990s
6 Harmen, Willis W. 1995
7 Tore Høisæther – Transcendental Personality Splitting 1982
8 [Unknown Author] – The Inward Journey After 1993
9 Julian Jaynes 1997-2000
10 Josephson, Brian D. and Fotini Pallikari-Viras – Biological Utilisation of Quantum NonLocality 1991
11 Kaznacheev, V.P. – Results and Perspectives of International Scientific Investigations in the Frame of the Expedition “By the Ways of Great Humankind Migrations” 1992
12 McClenon, James – Wondrous Events in a Small Group: A Field Study 1993
13 The Magenta Group – Observations of Amyr Amiden 1994
14 Maher, Michaeleen C. and George P. Hansen – Quantitative Investigation of a Reported Haunting Using Several Detection Techniques After 1989
15 Puthoff, H.E. and R. Targ – A Perceptual Channel for Information Transfer Over Kilometer Distances 1976
16 Rakesh – “Life and Relationship” [date?]
17 Rein, Glen – A Bioassay for Negative Gaussian Fields Associated with Geometric Patterns 1997
18 Ruskin, Adina L. – Airplane 1995
19 Sarfatti, Jack – “Shadow of the Mind” by Roger Penrose Review 1995
20 Sampooran Singh – My Exploration of Truth: Pointers to Survival of Mankind [date?]
21 Vaughan, Alan and Jack Houck – Training Intuition: A Record Breaking Performance 1993
22 Velikonja, Diana et al – The Relationship of Cortical Activation to Alternating Autonomic Activity 1993
23 Waldo Vieira – “Projectiology: An Overview of Experiences of the Consciousness Outside The Human Body” 1986
91 Larissa Vilenskaya 1981-1993
2 The Scientific Study of Consciousness and its Significance for Religion 1970s?
3 White, John – Aliens Among Us – A UFO Conspiracy Hypothesis in a Religious Mode After 1980
4 White, Rhea A. 1987-mid 1990s
5 Wirth, Daniel P. – Healing Sciences International Early 1990s?
6 Wiseman, Richard and Erlendur Haraldsson – Investigating Macro PK in India After 1993
7 Polish Psi Articles 1946, 1973-?
8 Miscellaneous Articles 1960s-1990s
9 Miscellaneous Articles 1960s-1990s
101 Miscellaneous Articles 1960s-1990s
2 Miscellaneous Articles 1960s-1990s
3 Miscellaneous Articles 1960s-1990s
4 Miscellaneous Articles 1960s-1990s
111 Miscellaneous Articles 1960s-1990s
2 Miscellaneous Articles 1960s-1990s
3 Miscellaneous Articles 1960s-1990s

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Subject Files 1970s-1998
121 Aging, Longevity, Cognitive Enhancement 1974-2006
2 Astrology (Includes Correspondence with Judith Gardiner) 1992-1997
3 Bookstores -Publications for Sale 1970s-1990s
4 Case Study – Katie 1985-1989
5 Kirlian Photography – Vladimira Vayntraub Experiments 1990-1998
6 Lost Treasure -Haiti 1991
7 Magnetic Implant Response 1991-1993
8 Technology 1988-1994

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Lectures and Conferences 1949, 1970-1995
129 Institut Metapsychique International – Pensée Indienne et Mystique Carmélitaine 1949
10 International Conference on Shamanism 1984
11 Louisa E. Rhine Centenary Conference, Durham, NC – Cultivating Consciousness for Enhancing Human Potential, Wellness and Healing 1991
12 Remote Viewing – Lecture by Robert J. Durant 1994
131 First International Congress Psi, Warsaw, Poland 1995
2 Parapsychology Convention, New York 1970
3 The Whole Life Expo for Body, Mind, Spirit 1989-1993
4 Rowe Camp and Conference Center 1992, 1994
5 International Transpersonal Association Conference 1992, 1994

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Organization Publications 1958-2009
136 Lists of Parapsychology Journals and Newsletters CA 1990s
7 Offprints 1978-2000
8 Academy of Religion and Psychical Research, Bloomfield, CT: Contents Lists 1989-2008
No folder Academy of Religion and Psychical Research, Bloomfield, CT: Annual Conference Proceedings 1988-2009
14No folder Academy of Religion and Psychical Research, Bloomfield, CT: The Journal of Religion and Psychical Research (Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies as of April 2006) 1988-1999
15No folder Academy of Religion and Psychical Research, Bloomfield, CT: The Journal of Religion and Psychical Research (Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies as of April 2006) 1999-2012
161 Miscellaneous Publications 1970, 1986-2004
2 Miscellaneous Publications 1970, 1986-2004
3 Academy of Religion and Psychical Research, Bloomfield, CT: ARPR Bulletin, The Searchlight 1992-2008, 2011
4 American Association Electronic Voice Phenomena (AAEVP), Reno, NV: AA-EVP News 2003
5 American Family Foundation (AFF), Austin, Texas: Voicing Opposition to New Age Movement and Pseudoscience 1988-1991
6 American Prophecy Project, New York, NY: Newsletter 1990
7 American Society for Psychical Research, Inc. 1949-1969
171 American Society for Psychical Research, Inc. 1969-1996
2 Amy Project (Nick Herbert), Boulder Creek, CA 1993
3 Anomalist Books, San Antonio, New York: The Anomalist 1994-1995, 2007
4 Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena, Plymouth, Devon, UK (Hugh Pincott): ASSAP News 2003-2004
5 Aura-Z Scientific Research Centre. Moscow: Aura-Z 1993
6 Boadella, David, Abbotsbury, Dorset, England: Energy and Character 1970
7 Center for Applied Intuition (CAI), San Francisco, CA: CAI New Eyes 1986-1988
8 The Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University: Frontier Perspectives 1989-1994
9 The Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University: Frontier Perspectives 1995-1998
181 The Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University: Frontier Perspectives 1999-2003
2 Consciousness Research and Training Project, Inc., New York: Newsletter (Joyce Goodrich, PhD, ed.) 1976-2004
3 Continuing Life Foundation, Inc., Louisville, CO 1992
4 Continuing Life Research, Boulder, CO: Contact 1997
5 Exceptional Human Experience Network, Inc., New Bern, NC (Rhea A. White): EHE News 1994-2000
6 Filippo Bongiovanni, Florida, Italy 1995
7 Foundation for Ethics and Meaning: Nonsiamosoli 1996
8 Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man (FRNM), Durham, NC: Psi Today, FRNM Bulletin 1991-1994
9 Forever Family Foundation, Oceanside, NY: Signs of Life 2006-2007
10 Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, New York 1992-1998
11 Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, New York: Miscellaneous Publications 2000-2001
191 Gaia Institute – Center for Applied Intuition, San Francisco, CA: Applied Psi 1983-1992
2 Eileen J. Garret, New York: Tomorrow 1958
3 Bulletin of Anomalous Experience (BAE), Toronto, ON (David Gotlib, MB) 1993-1994
4 Hanuman Foundation, Delray Beach, FL and San Anselmo, CA 1988-1993
5 Institut für Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene 2004-2005
6 Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis, New York: Self-Expression 1969
7 Institute for Development and Enhancement of Human Potential, Long Island, NY (Arthur J. Brodbeck, Director): Wonder-Full – The Newsletter of En-Wonder 1968-1973
8 Institute for Parapsychology, Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man, Durham, NC (Includes Correspondence with John Palmer, Richard Broughton, K. Ramakrishna Rao) 1992-1995
9 Institute of Parapsychology, Rhine Research Research Center, Durham, NC (Includes Correspondence with John Palmer, Richard Broughton and Sally Rhine Feather 1995-1999
10 Institute of Noetic Sciences: Palo Alto, CA: Miscellaneous Publications and Circulers 1974-2001
11 Institute of Noetic Sciences: Noetic Sciences Bulletin 1989-1995
12 Institute of Noetic Sciences: Noetic Sciences Review 1988-1990
201 Institute of Noetic Sciences: Noetic Sciences Review 1990-2003
2 Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Menlo Park, CA: Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN) Newsletter 1987-1989, 1994
3 Instituto de Psicologia Paranormal, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Revista Argentina de Psicologia Paranormal 2000-2001
4 Interface Press, Los Angeles, CA: Brain Mind Bulletin 1989-1993
5 International Academy of Consciousness 2006-2008
6 International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS): Vital Signs 1983
7 International Association for New Science, Ft. Collins, CO: New Science News 1990-1995
8 The International Association for Psychotronic Research, Monaco: Second International Congress of Psychotronic Research 1975
9 International Cooperation Council and the Cooperators, Northridge, CA (Irving F. Laucks): The Cooperator 1971
10 International Foundation for Survival Research, Inc. ca.1983-1988
11 International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology, New York 2001
12 International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, Golden, CO 1991-1995
13 Intruders Foundation (IF), New York (Budd Hopkins): IF – The Bulletin of the Intruders Foundation 1989-2003
14 Intuition Network, Sausalito, CA (Jeffrey Mishlove) 1994-1995
211 Johannine Daist Communion, San Rafael, CA: Crazy Wisdom 1984
2 Joint Publications Research Service, Arlington, VA: Bibliographies on Parapsychology (Psychoenergetics) and Related Subjects – USSR 1972
3 Leonid Vasilyev Fund of Parapsychology, Moscow: Parapsychology in USSR 1991-1992
4 Leonid Vasilyev Fund of Parapsychology, Moscow: Parapsychology and Psychophysics 1992-1994
5 Lifwynn Foundation, Westport, CT: Lifwynn Correspondence 1990-1992
6 Lucidity Institute, Inc.: Night Light 1986-1997
7 Megabrain (Michael Hutchison), Sausalito, CA: Consciousness Technology 1990-1991
8 Metascience Foundation, Inc., Minneapolis, MN 1987-1993
9 The Mobius Society, Los Angeles, CA: Mobius Reports 1986-1987
10 The Monroe Institute (Robert Monroe): TMI Focus 1996
11 Monterey Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts, Monterey, CA: MISAHA Newsletter 1991-2000
12 Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), Los Angeles, CA: About MSIA 1971
13 New Frontiers Center, Oregon, Wisconsin: New Frontiers 1990-1995
14 New Science Network, Inc., Littleton, CO (Denver): New Science Network 1994
15 The New Spiritual Science Foundation: The Spiritual Scientist 1998-2000
16 Noah’s Ark Society, Scole, Diss, Norfolk, UK: The Newsletter 1993
17 Omni Publications International LTD, New York: The Omni Whole Mind Newsletter 1988
18 Organisation Pour La Recherche En Psychotronique, Toulouse, France: Revue Francaise de Psychotrinique 1988
19 Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support (OPUS), Concord, CA: OPUS Newsletter 1996-1998
221 Parapsychological Association, Inc., Research Triangle Park, NC: PA News, Membership Directories 1982-2002
2 Parapsychological Services Institute, Inc., Atlanta, GA (Dr. William G. Roll): The InPSIder 1994
3 Parapsychology Foundation, Inc. 1977-1992
4 Parapsychology Foundation, Inc.: Parapsychology Review 1987-1990
5 Parapsychology Foundation, Inc.: Parapsychology Review 1983-1986
6 Parapsychology Research Group, Inc., San Francisco, CA 1984
7 Parapsychology Sources of Information Centre 1989-1992
8 Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, Los Angeles, CA: Life Extension Newsletter 1988-1991
9 The Psychical Research Foundation, Inc., Durham, NC 1967-1969
10 Psychological Process, Inc., El Cerrito, CA (Charles T. Tart): The Open Mind 1985
231 Psychosynthesis Research Foundation, New York: PRF 1967-1971
2 Psychotronics and Traditional Healing Center, Moscow After 1990
3 Psychotronika, Warsaw – International Symposium and Conference Material 1983-1987
4 The Seva Trust, Oak Park, IL: North American Sangat 1969
5 Society for Avatar Meher Baba, New York 1992-1993
6 Society for Psychical Research (SPR), London, England: SPR Newsletter, Paranormal Review 1989-2007
7 Society for Research on Rapport and Telekinesis: SORRAT Newsletter 1982-1997
8 Society for Research on Rapport and Telekinesis: SORRAT Newsletter 1998-2009
9 Society for Scientific Exploration: The Explorer 1989-2004
241 Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained, Columbia, NJ: Pursuit 1965?-1988
2 Southern California Society for Psychical Research: Journal of the Southern California Society for Psychical Research 1985
3 Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International 1989
4 Sté Amicale des Anciens Eleves de L’Ecole Polytechnique, Paris: La Jaune et la Rouge (Parapsychologie) 1979
5 Still Mind Zendo, New York: Still 2004
6 Synchronicity Foundation / MSH Association, Faber, VA: Supported the Brother Charles Synchronicity Experience 1987-1989
7 Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS), Moscow: Anomaliiya 1991
8 Thorne Communications, Inc.: Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing 2003-2006
9 Thorne Communications, Inc.: Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing 2000-2002
10 Thorne Communications, Inc.: Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing 1997-1999
11 Towarzystwo Psychotronicze, Warsaw: Trzecie Oko 1984
12 Towarzystwo Psychotronicze, Warsaw: Trzecie Oko 1985
251 Towarzystwo Psychotronicze, Warsaw: Trzecie Oko 1986
2 Towarzystwo Psychotronicze, Warsaw: Trzecie Oko 1987
3 Towarzystwo Psychotronicze, Warsaw: Trzecie Oko 1988
4 Marcello Truzzi, Ypsilanti, MI: Zetetic Scholar 1978-1979
5 UNSRC Parapsychology Department , New York 1992-1993
6 UNSRC Society for Enlightenment and Transformation, New York 1998
7 Bill Weisensale, Barstow, CA: Spirit Voice: A Transcommunication Technical Letter 1990
8 The Wisdom Society, San Marcus, CA (Connie Anderson, President): Wisdom Connection 1993-1995
9 World Future Society, Bethesda, MD: The Futurist, The Futurist Bookstore 1989-1990
10 World Institute for Self-Healing, Inc. (Kevin Chen): Wish Journal 2000-2001
11 Yerin, Nikolai and Yuri Ilinskiy, Moscow: Amazing Mysteries 1990
12 Zerdin Phenomenal 2008

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Correspondence 1949-2011
261 Address Lists 1980s-1990s
2 Miscellaneous 1992
3 [Surname not known], Christina 2000-2002
4 Academy of Religion and Psychical Research, Continued by Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies 1988-2011
5 The Amazing Kreskin, West Caldwell, NJ 1999-2008
6 Anomalous Phenomena Research Centre (APRC), New York (Alex Imich, PhD, President) I 2000-2003
7 Anomalous Phenomena Research Centre (APRC), New York (Alex Imich, PhD, President) II 2000-2003
8 Baldwin, Michael, Marion, MA (Marion Foundation) 1996-2002
9 Barjaktarovic, Milica 1997-2000
271 Bauman, Steven, PhD (Experiments with Joe Nuzum) 1997
2 Beecher, Jonathan, White Crow Productions, UK 2008
3 Belk Research Foundation, Charlotte, NC 1977-1996
4 Belk Research Foundation, Charlotte, NC 1977-1996
5 Beloff, John, Edinburgh, Scotland 1992-1997
6 Beloff, John, Edinburgh, Scotland 1998-2002
7 Berger, Arthur S., Pembroke Pines, FL (Survival Research Foundation) 1983-1989
8 Bhaktivedanta Institute, Alachua, FL (Michael A. Cremo) 1995-2000
9 Blasband, Richard A. (Dick), MD, Tiburon, CA 1995-1996
10 Brown, Rifkah, Manchester, UK 1997
281 Suzanne V. Brown, PhD, Director, Research and Development, Exceptional Human Experience Network 1997-2000
2 Bugaj, Roman, Warsaw 1988-1995
3 Center for Mind Body Medicine, Washington, DC (James S. Gordon, MD, Director) 2000-2001
4 Chidvilasananda, Gurumai, Swami, Baharashtra, India 1991-1994
5 Cohn, Tad (Tadzu) and Zuza 1973-1978
6 Corbett, Patricia B., Palisades, NY 1988-2001
7 Cox, William Edward, and others; re: Pepsi Can 1993-1995
8 Cox, William Edward, Rolla, MO – Book Draft 1981?
9 Cox, William Edward, Rolla, MO Vol 1 1991-1993
291 Cox, William Edward, Rolla, MO Vol 2 ca. 1980-1994
2 Dames, Edward A, Albuquerque, NM; President, Psi Tech 1991-1993
3 The Dekay Foundation, New York 1988-2010
4 Dix, Sean P., New York 1999
5 Dossey, Larry 1997-2004
6 Duroux, Bruno, Boisseuil, France 1997-1998
7 Fetzer Institute, Kalamazoo, MI 1986-2002
8 Feynman, Richard P., California Institute of Technology 1987-1992
9 Gallenberger, Joseph (Joe), PhD 2000-2001
10 Geller, Uri 1988-2010
11 Gordon, Lois Margaret, Loxahatchee, Florida 1993-1996
301 Halper, Lyn, Scarsdale, NY 1993-2004
2 Hawking, Steven, Professor, Cambridge 1988-1990
3 Hedley, Gilbert P., Boulder, CO 1999-2001
4 Herbert, Nick 1989-2001
5 International Centre for the Science of Global Change and Global Policy 1994
6 [Surname Not Known] – Isabelle 1984-1991
7 Jahn, Robert G. and Brenda J. Dunne 1986
8 Johnson, Jacqueline (Jackie), Canandaigua, NY 1998-2001
9 Josephson, Brian D., FRS, Cambridge 1990-2008
10 Editors of Journal of the Academy of Religion and Psychical Research (Mary Carman Rose and Claire G. Walker) 1989-1992
11 Jurka, Edith M., MD, New York 1991
12 Katra, Jane 2008-2009
13 Kawasho International 1985
311 Kern, William (Bill) Bliem, Rev., Jr., New York 1990-1994
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3 Lady of Light Association; re: John of God, Brazil 2001
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10 Lippman, Robert L. (Robbie) 1995
11 Lippman, Robert L. (Robbie) 1995
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5 Muehsam, Patricia A., MD, New York 2001-2009
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7 Nanty, Beatrice (Researcher), Long Beach, NY 1972, 2001-2002
8 Orlich, Rodger 1999
9 Pearman, Rosalind and Dennis, Zerdin Fellowship 2005-2011
10 Pratt, J.G, 1958-1966
11 PRF [Psychical Research Forum?] Email Discussion 1997
331 PRF [Psychical Research Forum?] Email Discussion 1998-1999
2 PRF [Psychical Research Forum?] Email Discussion 2000-2004
3 Radin, Dean, PhD, Institute of Noetic Sciences 1995-2007
4 Richards, John Thomas (Tom) 1994-2007
5 Riordan, Peter, Ramona, CA; “The Zetter Collection” 2004
6 Ritch, Robert, MD, New York 1998-2001
7 Rolex Awards for Enterprise, Geneva, Switzerland 2000
8 Roll, William G., PhD, Villa Rica, GA 1968, 1991
9 Ross, T. Edward (Terry), St. Davids, PA 1994-1995
341 Rubik, Beverly, PhD, Oakland, CA (Institute for Frontier Science) 1990-1996
2 Rubik, Beverly, PhD, Oakland, CA (Institute for Frontier Science) 1997-2002
3 Schaeffer, Lisa, Southgate, MI 1990
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5 Schwarz, Berthold Eric, MD, Vero Beach, FL 1998-2010
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4 Tapper, David A., New York (Trapper Productions, Inc.) – Various Works II 1991-1992
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8 Yunzhong, He, China 2001-2002
381 Alphabetized Correspondence – A 1986-2011
2 Alphabetized Correspondence – B 1996-2011
3 Alphabetized Correspondence – B 1987-2011
391 Alphabetized Correspondence – C 1963-2008
2 Alphabetized Correspondence – D 1987-2010
3 Alphabetized Correspondence – E 1989-2008
4 Alphabetized Correspondence – F 1988-2008
5 Alphabetized Correspondence – G 1987-2008
401 Alphabetized Correspondence – H 1988-2009
2 Alphabetized Correspondence – I 1988-2008
3 Alphabetized Correspondence – J 1991-2009
411 Alphabetized Correspondence – K 1994-2010
2 Alphabetized Correspondence – L 1989-1999
3 Alphabetized Correspondence – M 1994-2010
4 Alphabetized Correspondence – M 1994-2010
5 Alphabetized Correspondence – N 1973-2010
421 Alphabetized Correspondence – O 1996-2008
2 Alphabetized Correspondence – P 1993-2011
3 Alphabetized Correspondence – P 1993-2011
4 Alphabetized Correspondence – R 1989-2009
5 Alphabetized Correspondence – S 1955-2009
6 Alphabetized Correspondence – S 1955-2009
431 Alphabetized Correspondence – T 1988-2005
2 Alphabetized Correspondence – U 1965-2007
3 Alphabetized Correspondence – V 1987-2006
4 Alphabetized Correspondence – W 1990-2007
5 Alphabetized Correspondence – X+Y 2001-2006
6 Alphabetized Correspondence – Z 1988-2008
441 Bound Correspondence – “Reports Submitted to APRC” 2002-2005
2 Bound Correspondence – “Munich 1950” 1949-1950
3 Bound Correspondence – “NASA, Whitehouse, Biotechnology and Human Research” 1959, 1964
4 Bound Correspondence – “Pens” 1952-1979
5 Bound Correspondence – “Pens” 1952-1979
6 Bound Correspondence – “IMI, ASPR, Fortuny, etc.” Late 1940s-1950s
7 Bound Correspondence – “T.H. Neumann” 1950s
8 Bound Correspondence – “World Experiment” 1950-1964
451 Bound Correspondence – “Since 1954” 1954-late 1960s
2 Bound Correspondence – “Since 1954” 1954-late 1960s
3 Bound Correspondence – “Parapsychology” 1951-1955
4 Bound Correspondence – “Parapsychology” 1977-1980
5 Bound Correspondence – “Parapsychology” 1970-1988
6 Bound Correspondence – “Parapsychology” 1981-1985
461 Bound Correspondence – “Papers and Correspondence with Various” 1958-1969
2 Bound Correspondence – “Various” 1950s-1980s
3 Bound Correspondence – “Various Parapsychology” 1967-1969
4 Bound Correspondence – “Letters from Various” 1950s-late 1990s

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IM School of Healing Arts, New York 1996-2004
471 Letter Regarding Humanist Movement 1998-1999
2 Classmates 2000-2004
3 Lessons 1999
4 Administration 1996-2000
5 Correspondence with Members of his Class 1998-2000

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Collected Books 1937-1995
48No Folder Collected Books 1937 -1995

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Artifacts [date?]
49No Folder Silverware bent by Joe A. Nuzum [date?]

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VHS Collection (PC 342) 1985-2007
11 Joe A. Nuzum Experiments 1991
2 Joe A. Nuzum Experiments 1991
3 Joe A. Nuzum Experiments 1994-?
4 Joe A. Nuzum Experiments 1995
5 Joe A. Nuzum Experiments 1995
6 Joe A. Nuzum Experiments 1996
7 Joe A. Nuzum Experiments 1996
8 Joe A. Nuzum Experiments 1997
9 Joe A. Nuzum Experiments 1994-1996
10 Joe A. Nuzum Experiments 2000
11 Joe A. Nuzum Experiments 2002
12 Joe A. Nuzum Experiments 2002
13 Joe A. Nuzum Experiments 1994-2003
14 Joe A. Nuzum Experiments 1994-2007
15 Joe A. Nuzum Experiments [mid 1990s?]
16 “The Other Side” 1994
17 “The Other Side” 1995
18 “The Other Side” 1995
19 “The Other Side” 1995
20 “The Other Side” 1995
21 “The Other Side” 1995
22 “The Other Side” 1995
23 “The Other Side” 1995
24 “The Other Side” 1995
25 “The Other Side” 1995?
26 “The Other Side” 1995?
27 “The Other Side” 1995?
28 Ronnie Marcus 1994
29 Ronnie Marcus: PK Demonstration, NYC 1994
30 Ronnie Marcus PK Demonstration, NYC 1994
31 CERBE Distribution, Inc.: History of 714X 1999
32 CERBE Distribution, Inc.: What is 714X? 1999
33 CERBE Distribution, Inc.: Introduction to the Somatidian Orthobiology 1999
34 Marisa Anderson 1996
35 Marisa Anderson 1996
36 UFO Insiders: Project Mindshift: Re-Connecting with the Cosmos 1990s?
37 Joâo Texeira [Joâo de Deus] 2001
38 A+ Water – Future Mind 1992
39 BioFeed Back, Field Photography, Electromagnet Field Imaging ca.1990
40 Peter Sugleris Intro, Fuji TV Japan, and many other TV News & Shows and Private Scientific Showings [date?]
41 Krishnamurti: With a Silent Mind 1989
21 Miracles in Medjugorje 1986
2 The Possible Human and the New Body Performance 1985
3 Zeew Colman [date?]
4 Deepak Chopra – 1000 Revolutions ca. 1990s
5 Coquimbo, Chile: Jorge Tabé 1993
6 Lloyd Y 2001
7 Sightings, Origin of the Universe, Various Psychics on TV 1989-1993
8 Bob Durant: Remote Viewing Belief Interest Group, University of Pennsylvania 1994
9 Chaos to 440, Volcan to 666 1989
10 Celebrity Justice 2004
11 Psychic Surgery, Brazil 1995
12 William James Centenary Partners Presents Interview Bites from the Film Series: Looking Deep Inside 2003
13 Saved by the Light: the Life and Times of Dannion Brinkley 1995
14 Alternative Healing: A Discourse and Case Studies with J. Pierce Farrel 2001
15 McEnroe, Fox & Friends 2004
16 How to See into the Past/Future, Dr. Raymond Moody, Jr. 1991
17 Mysteries of the Mind Discovery, Mind Alters Physics, from Jean Mundy [date?]
18 William James, Renaissance Man 2002
19 Heartland, Fox; Interview with Kreskin 2003
20 Lady of Light, The Miracle Man of Brazil 1990s?
21 Casa de Dom Inécio 2001?
22 Casa de Dom Inécio: The Best Sun Genies of ’99 1999
23 Dean Kraft date?
24 Blind Dog Films: Touched 2003
25 Radek Smykowski [date?]
26 Mirosław Magola with Dr. Barbara Koopman 1997
27 “The Other Side” 1995
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