Bill Hicks / Alex Jones Conspiracy

Alex Jones is NOT  Bill Hicks


The Bill Hicks / Alex Jones Conspiracy

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PARANOID Magazine – June 2013 / Issue #150


Paranoid Magazine: OK Kevin, I have to know … Like what is all this hype about how Bill Hicks is Alex Jones now?

I mean this is funny because when I worked for Alex last year I told Alex that a bunch of us in South Austin years ago, like in 2001, would say how some of Bill’s mannerisms and things that reminded us of Bill were showing up in Alex Jones. (I mentioned this to Alex casually). He and I laughed about this and didn’t talk much about it. My friends and I we never espoused that Bill was Alex. Just that Bill “Went Into” Alex.


It’s all funny to me how this is trending right now on YouTube. I don’t know how this all got started. I just know that Hadley and Miles Lewis and I would joke about these things back in 2001.

So. You are friends with Alex and were childhood friends with Bill.

What do you make of all this crazy BS trending on YouTube and Google about ALEX is BILL?

KB: Just last week I was working with this somewhat conservative upscale social networking expert for some ADW2 screenings in Florida. A state that is not exactly 420 friendly. This woman who has no idea of who Bill or Alex is contacts me in a bit of a panic. She points out some guy on an Anti Drug War group who is claiming that I’m a CIA ambulance chasing sock puppet shill secretly working with Alex Jones to destroy cannabis. I don’t consider myself to be a highly confrontational guy so the idea of some complete stranger talking about me all crazy was a bit shocking. I started clicking his links and as a result on YouTube I search “Bill Hicks is Alex Jones” and bamm. Does this mean I finally am somebody? (the Jerk), I finally have totally crazy delusional people accusing me of things that I could only wish were true, due to the grandiose nature of the accusations. Some random guy is accusing me of staging the video of Alex Jones getting kicked out of the George Bush speech before he was president.paranoidmag-ajisbh02aFollowing this guys logic, that would mean that I had to hire George Bush to play along. It’s even funnier to me because I only sold about 50 VHS tapes of that.

Seriously though I can’t totally put my finger on the exact idea. Do people think Bill never died and had plastic surgery? or is there some sort of metaphysical transformation in which Bill became Alex?

Paranoid Magazine: Ya. It’s all-stupid, they were on Earth at the same time. LOL

“Consummate English Thespian David Mentalson has announced that he will retire the character known as “Alex Jones.” After nearly 20 years of embodying the “Alex Jones” persona, Mentalson will now head to Hollywood to begin his career in the motion picture arts. You may also remember Mentalson from other roles, such as American comedian Bill Hicks.”


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