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  • SETI@home killed off - Placed in sarcophagus rises again

    By Nick Farrell / Wednesday 23 November 2005

    DISTRIBUTED computing experiment SETI@home will be switched off on December 15 as it becomes part of the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC).

    BOINC has been developed at UC Berkeley as a framework for volunteer computing projects like SETI@home.

    According to a press release, those who are currently using SETI@home are being asked to visit here for instructions.

    The workunit totals of users and teams will be frozen at that point, and the final totals will be available on the web.

    The BOINC site will allow boffins to build other volunteer computing projects in areas like molecular biology, high-energy physics, and climate change study.

    A spokesSeti said that those who want to keep looking for aliens can do so, but they will also be able to donate computer time studying climate change or other BOINC projects. <>

  • Scientists, be on guard ... ET might be a malicious hacker

    Ian Sample, science correspondent
    Friday November 25, 2005 / The Guardian

    As if spotty teenagers releasing computer viruses on to the internet from darkened rooms were not enough of a headache. According to a scientific report, planet Earth's computers are wide open to a virus attack from Little Green Men.

    The concern is raised in the next issue of the journal Acta Astronautica by Richard Carrigan, a particle physicist at the US Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois. He believes scientists searching the heavens for signals from extra-terrestrial civilisations are putting Earth's security at risk, by distributing the jumble of signals they receive to computers all over the world.

    The search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (Seti) project, based at the University of California in Berkeley, uses land-based telescopes to scour the universe for electromagnetic waves. Just as stray radio and TV broadcasts are now zooming away from Earth at the speed of light, the Seti scientists hope to pick up stray signals, or even intentional interplanetary broadcasts, emitted from other civilisations.

Gary MacKinnon - Human Hacker of Alien Secrets?<,3605,1650295,00.html>

    Recall the recent Teen Human Hacker story about Gary MacKinnon (right) who admittedly hacked his way into US government computers looking for evidence of UFOs and Aliens. He found what he says is proof that the US military has space faring vessels and more. Read more here (Hacker 'Was Trying For Proof of Aliens'). Then compare this recent hackers treatment compared to that of this similar hacking incident from 1997 (Hacker Who Broke Into NASA Computers Freed) or this event from even earlier this year (Clear Skies for Area 51 Hacker).

  • Looking for alien intelligence in the computational universe

    26 November 2005 / Marcus Chown / Magazine issue 2527

The wisdom of alien civilisations may be just a mouse click away - New Scientist explores Stephen Wolfram's novel route to finding ET

IN The shadows of Mount Shasta and Lassen Peak volcanoes in northern California, dozens of radio telescopes are gearing up to search for extraterrestrials. Thousands of kilometres away in Boston, Massachusetts, Stephen Wolfram has the same goal in mind. But unlike the astronomers working at Hat Creek observatory, Wolfram's approach has no need for telescopes.

Instead of scanning the heavens for alien radio broadcasts, he thinks we should be looking much closer to home. Much, much closer: ET could be living or working with you. But the truly amazing thing about Wolfram's claim is that he believes all the knowledge we stand to gain from an extraterrestrial intelligence - surely the best reason for getting to know the alien in the first place - is already ours for the taking. We don't have to find ET; we can start the search for this ultimate knowledge right now. Advanced civilisation could ...

Read the rest of this intriguing article here ... <>

For more on Stephen Wolfram's controversial ideas about A New Kind of Science, check out this overview with links at WikiPedia <>

  • 'Alien' life included in biology classification
    November 24, 2005

    What would you call an alien if you encountered it on the street tomorrow? What if that alien didn't come from another world but rather was created in a laboratory right here on Earth and functioned differently from other Earth life?

    Either way, Peter Ward has the beginnings of an answer. In a new book, the University of Washington paleontologist puts forth an expanded "tree of life," or biological classification system, to account for a variety of life forms that would not fit in the current system.

    Among them are viruses, long considered to be non-living bits of protein and nucleic acid but which Ward argues are as alive as the many parasites that infect humans and other organisms. The revamped classification system also would include life based on RNA instead of DNA, and life found away from Earth that likely would be based on silicon or elements other than the carbon-hydrogen-oxygen-nitrogen mixture that is the backbone of life on Earth.




  • 2005 - Year of the UFOlogical Mind Game?

Recent dialogue on the UFO UpDates eList elicited Greg Boone's nomination of 2005 as the "year of the mind game" and Stuart Miller pointed out an interesting new synchronicity related to the publication of Nick Redfern's new book about the 1947 Roswell crash connecting the UFO and alien craft retrieval stories to American continuance of the Japanese Unit 731 human experiments.

These comments came within a thread about Air Force Psychologist, Frederick Malmstrom's recent media attention for his hypothesis that, "'Alien' faces are none other than Mother." Nevermind the fact that similar ideas have been around skeptical ufology since the 1980s (see below for more on related hypotheses of Alien Abduction being influenced by perinatal forms and birth memories) but this kind of hypothesis invariably only focuses upon alien abduction cases using hypnosis and one type of described "alien" form when there are in fact a wide variety of non-grey forms reported, most remembered without the use of hypnosis and some with significant physical close encounter evidence.

But back to Nick Redfern's continued investigation into apparent connections between Japanese Fugo ballon bombs, Unit 731 human experimentation, the Roswell crash and his recent discovery of a synchronisticly timed meeting of the IWG (Interagency Working Group) also known as The Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group (IWG):

The Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group (IWG) locates, identifies, inventories, and recommends for declassification, currently classified U.S. records relating to Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes. Once declassified, these records are released to the American public. The group, consisting of high-level representatives from federal agencies and public members, was established by the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act and the Japanese Imperial Government Disclosure Act.


According to the information in Stuart Miller's post below, Nick Redfern found online meeting minutes for this group's June 21st, 2005 meeting in which they specifically mention Unit 731. Apparently this meeting date is the same day Nick Redfern's book was launched. So is this all just the latest government disinformation ploy or are we really getting at the heart of this 1947 mystery? Read on to hear what Stuart Miller thinks of these issues.

UFO UpDates eList Exchange from Stuart Miller to David Rudiak:

Greg Boone said: I'd say this year in ufology was the year of the mind game. We win this one and the cloak of mystery will unravel faster than a cheap yarn sweater.

David Rudiak said: The Roswell "Bodysnatchers in the Desert" yarn this year may have been another of these psyops operations, as a number of us suspect.

Stuart Miller replied: Hello David,

You may be right, and Nick has consistently said that he can't rule out a disinfo element, but to put his own point back to you, why? Why stir up attention and debate on a case that from a research perspective had virtually died, that wasn't being actively discussed, and which irritates the crap out of most serious Ufologists? What's the point? Most people who have intelligently thought Roswell through had long ago come to the conclusion that they were never going to find out the truth and had put it to bed in their minds.

The dangers of bringing it up again on the other hand are obvious. Because of renewed interest, someone, somewhere, might just stumble on something.

Nick has actually just made an interesting discovery. He has come across this:


It is a record of an inter agency discussion earlier this year in which the subject of releasing documentation relating to the activities of Unit 731 was discussed. The chilling point to this is that this meeting took place on the exact same day of publication of "Bodysnatchers".

You have a number of choices with this information. You can take a pragmatic attitude and just accept that coincidences happen.

You can seize on it, as you might, and say it further confirms that "Bodysnatchers" is part of some disinfo campaign, but I would be interested in your line of thought and reasoning on this if that is the way you go. Because if this is some smooth operation, then this latest twist is a bit cack handed and rather obvious. Or, it's classic disinfo in the sense that the truth or the partial truth is released but mixed with a contentious point or two, in this case the coincidence of the dates, all designed to get us squabbling, as we are now.

Or, we can all stop being paranoid (to a degree at least - we don't want to give it up for good because it's rather enjoyable) and maybe accept that the U.S. government has finally decided in it's own way and without any fanfare to let us know what really happened, warts 'n all. After all, assuming the documents to be released are genuine, they are likely to further confirm, circumstantially at least, the authenticity of Nick's theories.

>Here's another possible one making the rounds right now:
>"Project Serpo The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program"


To me, my dear friend Rick Doty might just as well have put his signature at the end of this piece. It's classic him and Robert Collins. The real interesting point is why it's resurfaced now? I have commented on this at my blog:



Perinatal and Birth Memory Hypotheses of Alien Abduction Phenomena

Alvin Lawson, "Perinatal Imagery in UFO Abduction Reports," Journal of Psychohistory, Fall, 1984, pp. 211-239

"A Testable Theory for UFO Abduction Reports: The Birth Memories Hypothesis," in Dennis Stillings, ed., Cyber-biological Studies of the Imaginal Component in the UFO Contact Experience (St. Paul, Minn., 1989)


See also a varient on this recent article:

Space Aliens: The 'Mother' Of All Hallucinations?
By Bill Christensen




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