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John G. Fuller

Ancient Astronauts / Bible UFOs

The Mysterious Past "Riddles of the Ages are Solved in this Compelling Journey" by Robert Charroux (pb 1973)

The Coming of the Gods "The New Science Reveals Man's Origins On Other Planets and Challenges the Old Earth Centered Cosmology" by Jean Sendy (pb 1970)

The Moon: Outpost of the Gods "Evidence of an ancient interstellar voyage to our satellite - and the startling reasons for it!" by Jean Sendy (pb 1975)

The Gods Who Made Heaven & Earth "The Evidence for Alien Visitors to Earth Before the Dawn of History" by Jean Sendy (pb 1969)

Colony: Earth by Richard E. Mooney (pb1974)

Gods of Air and Darkness by Richard E. Mooney (pb 1975)

God and the Astronomers by Robert Jastrow (pb1978/1984)

Gods, Demons and Space Chariots by Eric Norman (pb 1970)

Gods and Devils From Outer Space by Eric Norman (pb 1973)

Mankind - Child of the Stars by Max H. Flindt and Otto O. Binder (pb 1974)

First, Man. Then, Adam! by Irwin Ginsburgh (pb 1975/1978)

Encounters of the Fourth Kind "UFO's and Bible Prophecy" by R.L. Hymers (pb 1976)

Infinite Encounters "The real force behind the UFO phenomenon" by Frank Allnutt (pb 1978)



Creatures of the Outer Edge by Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman (pb 1978)

Big Footprints: A Scientific Inquiry into the Reality of Sasquatch by Grover S. Krantz (pb 1992)

Bigfoot "Startling Evidence of Another Form of Life on Earth Now" by John Napier (pb 1972)

Bigfoot - On the Track of Sasquatch by John Green (pb 1975)

Sasquatch by Don Hunter & Rene Dahinden (pb 1973)

Vampires, Werewolves, and Ghouls: The Enigma of Human Monsters by Bernhardt J. Hurwood



Telepathy - The Respectable Science by Sybil Leek (pb 1971)

The Book of Psychic Knowledge by Herbert B. Greenhouse (pb 1973/1975)

Premonitions: A Leap Into The Future "A Startling Revelation of a New Psychic Science of Prophetic Warning" by Herbert B. Greenhouse (pb 1971/1973)

Strange Talents by Bernhardt J. Hurwood (pb1967)

The New Soviet Psychic Discoveries "A first-hand report on the startling breakthroughs in Russian Parapsychology" by Henry Gris and William Dick (pb 1978/1979)

Handbook of Psychic Discoveries by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder (pb 1974/1975)

Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder (intro by Ivan Sanderson) pb 1970/1973

The ESP Papers: Scientists Speak Out From Behind The Iron Curtain by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder (pb 1976)

The Psychic World Around Us by Long John Nebel (pb 1969/1970)



The Great British Ghost Hunt by Hans Holzer (pb 1975)

The Ghost Hunter's Strangest Cases by Hans Holzer (pb 1975)



Life After Death: The Challenge and the Evidence by Hans Holzer (pb 1969)

Reincarnation - The Second Chance by Sybil Leek (pb 1975)



The UFOnauts by Hans Holzer (pb1976)

Ultimate Encounter by Bill Barry (pb 1978)

Events In Space by Willey Ley (pb 1969)

Let's Face The Facts About Flying Saucers by Gabriel Green (pb 1967)

The Truth About Flying Saucers by Aime Michel (pb 1956,1967,1975)

The U.F.O. Report by Irving A. Greenfield (pb 1967)

UFO's From Behind The Iron Curtain by Ion Hobana and Julien Weverbergh (pb 1972/1975)




Book of the Curious and the Occult by Sybil Leek (pb1976)

On Earth and in the Sky by Willy Ley (pb 1957/1967)

Strange Fate "A Fate Book of the Occult" Selected and Edited by Curtis and Mary Fuller intro by Frank Edwards (pb 1963/1971)

Brotherhood of the Strange by John Macklin (pb 1972)

Invisible Horizons by Vincint Gaddis (pb 1965)

The Jupiter Effect Reconsidered by John R. Gribbin and Stephen H. Plagemann (pb1974/1982)

Kohoutek! by Joseph F. Goodavage (pb 1973)

Our Threatened Planet by Joseph F. Goodavage (pb 1978/1p980)

We Are The Earthquake Generation by Jeffrey Goodman (pb 1978/1979)

The Great Lakes Triangle by Jay Gourley (pb1977)

The Iron Sun: Crossing the Universe Through Black Holes by Adrian Berry (pb 1977/1978)

I'm Ok- You're Ok by Thomas A. Harris (pb 1967/1973)


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